Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Art Trade

Hey guys look I'm drawing again! A friend asked to do an art trade. I excited to see how she draws Oniko, even though I havnt sent her the information XD heeeeeee. Well let me so you what I've done so far.

This is Nekoneko douga's char (I just call her that). Its a very pretty char, dark skin and blond hair. I havnt done any girl with really wavey hair so I'm excited. Also a flowy dress isnt something I'm use to. I hope it looks ok. I used a old drawing from clothed figure drawing class. I love using old reference pictures. They are really starting to pay off for me, so if youve seen my school deviantart you'll recgonize some of my poses.

I'll start coloring onc eI get the "ok" from my friend. Whee.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

commish done!

I finished! And hurray the person really seemed to like her picture. shes sending the money, it's only a little bit but I dont mind. It was nice to get to drawing again. I'm really happy with the face on this one. working at it upside down, even rotating the canvas, was very hard. This is one of the best faces I think I've ever done honestly.

Monday, August 10, 2009


So I called into Wacom and had some great help. My pen pressure on my tablet is working again. All is right in the world! So I got to starting on a commision right away. The sketch is down and I'll start inking after lunch. I dont know if I'll get done with the inking before work. I do plan to finish this before the week is over darn it! I have a beta testing to do this weekend. Which reminds me I really want to draw my Aion character as well as get started on button designs for next Fanime con. It may be a year away but it sneaks up on you and I might not have as much time as I think.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Poor tablet

My tablet isnt working on my new comp. Time to call wacom in the morning =/. It sees the pen when I use it but the pen pressure isnt working and I really need it in order to do pictures. I pray they know of a way to make it work. I'll be taking my New comp with me to school in 3 weeks... if the tablet doesnt work not sure what I'll do....