Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This Summer

Sorry I have been neglecting my blog but I have actually been very busy. You would think with school being out I would have more time on my hands but actually I have more projects then every.
Currently I am taking an online class which is of course more intense over the summer because I have about 3 classes a week rather then one class a week.
I also have a job that I have been working at lot at. This is good, I need money to keep buying things for projects.
I also have been looking for jobs, building covers letters and resumes, etc, while deciding on things for the future.

With all my free time I also decided to take on personal projects, maybe giving myself too much. If yo didn't know I love conventions so I'm sowing together a little costume. I also decided to get started early on things to sell at my table at the cons. Because I'll be out of school next summer I want to sign up for many more cons to attend.
I'm also getting a jump on school, knowing what I have for next semester. I'm dabbling in Flash a little more to get a head start. Also I have started sketching like crazy to come up with ideas and character designs for my animation class. I cant wait for the Character design class but also hoping it doesn't get canceled, due to it showing up on the school list very late.