Tuesday, May 18, 2010

End of the Semester Part 1

So now that I've had my short film class I feel I can post my videos on my blog. What a great class! It was a lot of help to learn about time management and what it takes to get a short film done. I will also miss all my friends and classmates.
So here is my short film Little Hunter. It's unfinished but then most of ours were. I will probably pick it up again some day, maybe even this summer but for now I'm going to put it away to try animating other character.

My next animation class is not until the end of the week but I feel like posting this video too. We were told to animate one character we made the entire semester but knowing that I wanted variety in my reel the instructor let me make a new character for the final.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Digital Image Class. Flight Final

So for our final in this class we were told to design a cover for the graphic novel flight. Now of course they arnt really going to be used by a company but I love this idea! In fact this is one of the rare times I cant decide one which composition I like because I think all of them have a kind of charm.
Most of my work in this class thus far as been rather dark and mono tones. Either events that time place at night or underground. I'm deciding to do something completely different and use bright colors and give it that pastel look like the actual covers have.
Here are some of the ideas I've had so far.