Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Goblins Home

Right after turning in the goblin creature it was time to work on enviorement. I'm not very comfortable with this as it tends to look really cheesy but I'm going to try my best and started working on thumbnails in class. The teacher basically explained to just let your mind go and the hand do the work. Easier said then done. Well I tried and came up with a few good ones, yay! I'm pretty set on these colors, I like them a lot. The problem is there is really no set structure. like I dont know what I want the houses to look like....gonna be a lot of work.

Basically I want it to be in a cave... or cavern, someplace underground. I also want them to live either in the walls of the cavern or in little stick and wood houses. I was thinking of Where the Wild Things Are when thinking of the houses. There isnt going to be a lot of colors besides greens, greys, and orange for the torches.

Goblin noms your ankels

I forgot to post this last week when I finished it but I remembered to post ti on my website. If it isnt one thing it's the other right?
Anyways I'm really happy with the way this little goblin guy turned out. My teacher gave me good advice and it was due today. He mentioned a few more things to do to fix it up even more which I will probably do later but for now I got story boards for an animation piece to work on.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Disney Internship problems

So the deadline for the Disney Summer Internship was today. I worked a long time and all of last night uploading images onto their website. all the pictures uploaded fine. I made sure to put them in the right format and make sure they were not over the file size limit. Then I tried submitting my demo reel and it kept telling me there was an error. I even tried submitting clips instead of the whole piece and it still sad their was an error. The best thing I could do was give them my website.....ugh....I really hope they go look and dont hate me for the poor youtube quality video. It looks so much better in the quicktime file. I just cant figure it out.

Monday, April 19, 2010

San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival

Yesterday was the festival and a friend and I went to go have some fun. It was a very nice day. Earlier in the week it was said to rain yesterday but there wasnt a cold in the sky upon waking up. I was very happy.
I have both a kimono and a yukata but I let her borrow the yukata so I was pretty hot through the entire festival. Luckily I bought a cheap little fan to help me stay cool. We went into a shop and had someone professionally tie our obis and this looked really nice. The food was delicious and I ran into a lot of people I knew. There were so many temping things to buy but I was trying to be careful with money. the two major things I bought was the obi and the butterfly hair clip. I might go back for another yukata later.
The parade is always nice but most of the good spots were taken, still we managed to see everything. The children are always so cute in the parade, they look like they didn't get what is quite going on. I also liked the women dancing, it was so beautiful and well timed. By far my favorite had to have been the drums. As they passed by I could feel me whole rib cage vibrating with the beat. Your literally pulled into the music. Very good music too. We arrived at around 10am and were having so much fun that we didn't leave until 7ish. It was probably the most crowded I had ever seen Japan Town. I will most likely be coming back for the next years festival as well.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Past Week

sorry I have not posted at all this week. Lots of big things happened but of course there was school too so I just forgot to write about it.

first thing up to talk about was Wonder Con. I got to have my portfolio looked at and made a few contacts. I also learned more about which I now have a account for and am trying to gather connections. The panels were pretty good. I got into the Disney/Pixar one a little after it started. So far the movies look like they are going to be very good. I would show you pictures but honestly my camera is not that good. For 3 days I helped out at the Con and it was a lot of fun. I was helping with line control which doesnt sound exciting unless your not afraid to put a lot of energy into it. My roommate and I made it fun by making sure to smile, say "Good Morning", and shout to get the crowds excited to be there. I think it was my favorite job there.

After that is was right back to school and working on the short film. I only have 5 weeks left which basically means I need to pump out about 2 shots a week in order to get it done or fair the class. I really hope I can make it. I wanted to get more done on Friday but the problem was I ran out of paper. So far I only have.... 3 our of 16 shots complete. URGH I'm really feeling the pressure.

I also have a creature to finish for Digital Imaging class. I decided to take on something furry...bad idea. This creature is killing me. I like certain area's of the fur but not the whole thing. Here is a in progress picture. It's due this Tuesday and needs to be printed out on glossy paper. This is my main project for today. I'm going to work on this.