Sunday, September 19, 2010

This week

I've been doing a lot of drawing and very busy lately. What else is new when you are a college student?
Mostly I have been focusing on animation projects and character designs. Aside from that I'm piecing together things for a revamped portfolio for CTN Animation expo. I'll post some sketches I have been working on and I should be getting a new piece of animation up by this coming week. Then it'll be striaght on the the next piece of animation.

This first piece if the main character and the only one in my quick little animation clip. He dears of not only being a hero but a spaceman. I dont want to give away what will happen but here are some sketches. Ignore the little mouse to the left as I was playing around with other ideas. The animation is mostly done besides adding in his cape. This will still be fairly rough animation.

The next two pieces are some of the best from this weeks character design and drawing for cartoons class. I really like this class but keep getting stuck in the thinking process. For the last few years we have been given a model and told to draw exactly what we see. Now we are being told forget all that, us the pose as reference but create a character. So I need to reteach my brain a bit. Most of the time I just get too wound up in recreating the pose rather then making a character from it.

My favorite so far is the next. The model was sitting there with a toy gun for several poses when suddenly are teacher gave us a character description. an angry squirrel who was getting tired of people shooting at squirrels or something. I thought it was fun and I tend to like drawing squishy chubby things.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

It's been awhile but...

Now that school has started I'll hopefully be posting a lot more. Forgive me but this summer was very busy with conventions, planning, work (I had a job that gave me lost of hours, THANK YOU), and a big computer blow out.
With school forcing my hand I finally have a reason to say "sorry guys but I gotta go draw" instead of working on my job. I love my classes so far and both are pushing me out of my comfort zone with I love. I'm surrounding myself with wonderful artist to learn a thing or two from them, and already planning my demo reel and portfolio for CTN Expo which I have a room and ticket for.
I'm currently making a elderly character for my animation class, I've never drawn elderly people! But I think I'm getting the hang of it and have come up with a few designs I like. I'll post up my sketch pages once I've shown them in class.