Monday, November 23, 2009

CTN in a nutshell

With only an hour and a half before class I will try to tell you all I can. However so much went on that I'm not sure I can even get it all down or remember it all!!

Friday, the lines for getting in was very disorganized and I ended up changing three times just to get in the right line. They also gave us wrists bands instead of badges, which really bugged me. I was constantly messing with it. The guests got badges though which helped to find a few people for "importance". I was also a little bit disappointed in the "Speed Talent". From the way the website made it sound it was going to be "100 industries" at tables. The website said registration on site. What it turned out to be was you looked for people with a yellow "speed Talent" button and walked up and asked them to look at your work. I didn't like this, booths became so crowded and getting up there was hard. Also by the second day I noticed almost no one was wearing their button. So when the doors finally opened I went into the vendors room to see the guests and who was selling what. So many great artists and books! There was one amazing this that happened on Friday. As I was heading back to my room I noticed someone doing a live demo. It was Tony Bancroft from Mulan. We watched him for about 2-3 hours I think and then my class got a picture taken with him.

Saturday was book buying day. I bought 3 books and Don Bluth's animation DVD. It was really hard deciding what I wanted. The Draw to Life books had been taken already so I got. There were also a lot of panels I went to. I wasn't very impressed with the panels here. Most were 20-45 min and once the speakers were done introducing themselves had barely any time to go over the topics of the panels. There was a late night panel for "Secret of Kells" which was a great movie! The animation was so smooth even though it looked like Samurai Jack.

Sunday I didn't have much time as they were going to kick us out of the hotel room soon. I woke up with a sick feeling in my tummy but by 10am finally started to walk down to the convention place. I went back into the vendors room and bought a sketch book. There were a few other art books I wanted but couldn't decided or while the work was amazing didn't want to pay that type of money. A lot of my class mates were there which I ran into at random parts of the con and kind of attached myself to once in awhile. I wish I could have spent more time with them but I still feel like a third wheel. They were all very nice though and let me get in line with them. So we all got to see a bunch of big name animators. Eric Goldberg is like a cartoon character himself, he's funny.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Special Guest! PART 2

This time not at our school. Our teacher piled us all into a bus last night, just his class and we set off for Berkly where Brad Bird was talking. It was an awesome night and a little bit silly. The theater had a stage set up that looked like we were filming for the Ophran show. when they first introduced the event they didnt even mention Brad Bird and honestly I was scared we were in the right place. But sure enough out her came. Really funny guy! The whole time I found myself laughing as he talked about movies he directed like Iron Gaint, Incredibles, Ratatouille! I wish I wrote down some of the lines he mentioned like how an new idea is like a baby deer. It's wobbly, wet, and gross, but with proper care it can grow.
after it was down I managed to snag a photo of him. I really wanted to take one with him but we were in a rush.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Zoo Sketches

So before we ran off to see the Mr. Eggleston we decided to kill some time at the zoo. We spent about 3-4 hours there sketching. The Lions were feeding and the Tigers were hiding. Even so I think we got a lot of good sketches done. It was baby season over there but I found myself taking pictures rather then sketching the babies because they were constantly on the move.
I only got one good drawing of the Lions in though I did a lot of sketching. I wanted to get some of her feeding but she was constantly moving back and forth and I found myself messing up a lot. The Gorillas made very good models as they seemed to like to sit and pose, then move and sit and pose. It was fun. The bears were also very good models for the most part. I love their round squishy looking bodies. I hope to go back to the zoo before it gets too cold and the animals dont want to come out.

Click the image for a bigger picture.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Special Guest!

So I'm still GEEKING OUT about the special guest we had at my school today. It was suppose to be a very small group but info leeked at it ended up being like 200 students and staff there. Anyways Ralph Eggleston was there! If you dont know who that is, google it, educate yourself. To some he might not seem like more but to a film or animator he's one of the top dogs, in my opinion and others I'm sure.
This guy is funny and he had some great advice. I took notes I really did. Didnt really care what I looked liek to people writing it all down but he gave a lot of good tips. He also showed us a lot of amazing stuff. We got to see beautiful design art for Wall-e, Finding Nemo, and UP! Also he should us storyboard, story reels, animation tests everything. He didnt tend to sugar coat it which I liked as well, he was honest about working crazy hours and sometimes insane things. There was a certain rush to it all it seemed though so in a way so exciting!
I felt really bad because as he was leaving I asked for a picture with him. I know he really wanted to get out the door and i didnt want to seem rude, but Once in a lifetime chance GO!

He's a really nice guy... GAH XD best day ever!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

CTN Animation EXPO

I'm jumping for joy! I heard about this great expo in Burbank (the city where all the big name animation studios are) that focusing on just animation. I think this is the first one... or at least its fairly new. My school had things posted all over about it and I grabbed a flyer to show my parents. Also the Dreamworks industry meeting I went to was also trying to promote it. This looked to be a greta oppertunity and while my bank account says I could afford it I really need the money for Canada.

So I went to my parents and explained what an awesome opportunity it is. My dad agreed to pay for some of it. As far as I know I'm only paying for the plane ticket which we got for $69. This is going to be such a huge blast. I'll be surrounded by the big leagues! This could end up being a big break some where in there. Or at leats the chance to meet someone and start networking, you know get some names and contacts~

I have lots of planning to do for this expo, its not like the Anime ones I go to for fun, there business in this one too.
I need to redo my business cards. after all I got a new email address and want to give it a new look. I also want to revamp my portfolio. The only thing not so great is as an animator I'd love to show off my work but there no time or place to show demo reels.

Still who knows what might happen!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Animation Exercise: Fire

Heres something I finished yesterday.
Took about 2-3 hours in all. I started over completely from scratch at one point but so glad I did!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Art Trade

Hey guys look I'm drawing again! A friend asked to do an art trade. I excited to see how she draws Oniko, even though I havnt sent her the information XD heeeeeee. Well let me so you what I've done so far.

This is Nekoneko douga's char (I just call her that). Its a very pretty char, dark skin and blond hair. I havnt done any girl with really wavey hair so I'm excited. Also a flowy dress isnt something I'm use to. I hope it looks ok. I used a old drawing from clothed figure drawing class. I love using old reference pictures. They are really starting to pay off for me, so if youve seen my school deviantart you'll recgonize some of my poses.

I'll start coloring onc eI get the "ok" from my friend. Whee.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

commish done!

I finished! And hurray the person really seemed to like her picture. shes sending the money, it's only a little bit but I dont mind. It was nice to get to drawing again. I'm really happy with the face on this one. working at it upside down, even rotating the canvas, was very hard. This is one of the best faces I think I've ever done honestly.

Monday, August 10, 2009


So I called into Wacom and had some great help. My pen pressure on my tablet is working again. All is right in the world! So I got to starting on a commision right away. The sketch is down and I'll start inking after lunch. I dont know if I'll get done with the inking before work. I do plan to finish this before the week is over darn it! I have a beta testing to do this weekend. Which reminds me I really want to draw my Aion character as well as get started on button designs for next Fanime con. It may be a year away but it sneaks up on you and I might not have as much time as I think.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Poor tablet

My tablet isnt working on my new comp. Time to call wacom in the morning =/. It sees the pen when I use it but the pen pressure isnt working and I really need it in order to do pictures. I pray they know of a way to make it work. I'll be taking my New comp with me to school in 3 weeks... if the tablet doesnt work not sure what I'll do....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not buying get out

Today at work was tough! It was sooooo hot and the store was so busy. People were just sitting around reading books and there wasnt much room for us to walk. And they werent even buying because we needed 5k more to reach our goal. They were just sucking up our AC and giving us more work to do. I hate them all. I have work again tomorrow....waaaah

On a side note I also started doing commisions again. I currently have 2 people ordering something to make a quick 40 bucks. It's kind of nice~ Heres a little sample of what I'm working on. It might take a little while with all the work and school projects. I didnt think I would have a lot of shifts at work and suddenly they flood me with stuff.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

1 more week!

School is almost over I cant wait! Most of my projects are done besides my self portrait.
In anatomy - A drawing of a fellow student in the class, with tracing paper over it and you draw the facial muslces on it.
In Still life Painting - a painting of anything we want
In Portfolio - a mock interview and showing of our demo reel, it comes in a DVD case we have designed with business card
In Inter Figure Drawing - Self-portrait of any linear medium.

Yeah I cant wait for Fanime! This is going to be awesome. All my buttons are pretty much ready to go. I have to help my friend with hers and fix the wig on my costume a little. Thee is a week between school getting out and Fanime con so I figure thats plenty of time to wrap up all the loose ends and get perfectly ready. I plan to show up on Thursday for the pre-reg line but wont be sticking around. I got family graduation from San Jose State down the street so need to run over there right after. I'll Miss most of it but figured that they are going to be talking for a long time anyways before they get to passing out the degrees.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cherry blossom festival

went to the festival in San Francisco today. My god it was hot. I watched the parade but will only bore you with the cruddy video i took of the cosplay section. You guys were awesome.

Met up with my friend after wards and was going to go get dinner but they were going to wait too long. The first bus home went by me completely packed and in fear I wouldnt make it home in time for something I decided to walk. It's only about a 30 min walk but it goes up and down hills and this was 80 degree heat. Needless to say I didnt make it back in time so now I'm going to go lay down cause my leg feels like I popped it out of place from speed walking and I have a massive headache. Lets hope I dont pass out!


I'm sorry I havnt been updating I get so distracted with school xx
Theres about 4 weeks left of school and I'm also trying to get ready fro Fanime con which pops up right after that. But here I go with a little update for you all.

I've been sick, its not so bad now but I would have to say Wed was very bad. I slept most of that day. The next day I went to class for about an hour and then the teacher told me to go home. I've never missed a class here at this school, I felt so bad. Least I got to turn in my homework and find out whats due next week so I wont fall behind.

I figured I should show you guys at least one thing I've been working on when I post. This is a paint from Still Life Painting class. I really dont like paints, I cant control it as much as I like to control other things. This wasnt one of my good drawings but then I wasnt feeling very well either.
I didnt even finish lol.

Also I managed to find some time and start drawing something for myself. Been having that terrible artist block lately. I feel like the school drains all my creative thoughts into projects so when its time to sit downand do my own work I have nothing left. Anyways heres what I started. a kitsune char that I've drawn a few times but still have no name for. I'm gonna have hercasting a spell. What spell shall I have her cast?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm back!

I decided to start blogging again, er try. Figured there might be some curious people out there wondering what I'm doing wasting my time in school Who am I kidding it's not a waste, I'm having a blast! This will be a place to talk about daily life, school, projects, commissions, personal projects, and anything else I find interesting. I hope you will all enjoy my little blog and please I LOVE GOOD CRITICISM.
Tell me how my work is, what I need to improve on, an tips, etc.

I suppose I should open with a few things about myself
First off I'm a student going for my BA in 2D Animation at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. If your also a student please let me know, its always great meeting fellow students.
This year I'm taking Anatomy, Still Life Painting, Portfolio 1, and Inter Figure Drawing.
My class of course was my Intro to animation class. I just couldnt get enough of sitting at the desk and drawing. This summer I hope to get a desk at home so I can work even when I'm away from school. There never seems to be enough time to be drawing my own personal projects.

I hope you will all enjoy my blog!