Saturday, January 30, 2010

Few days before the First day

So I got two e-mails last night. They both stated that Ed, my favorite teacher was leaving the Academy. I was in shock. I'm still not sure of the reasons bu the director of the animation department is going to be at our class to answer questions. Ed was a fabulous instructor. He was always willing to help, even with things outside of his class. If there was a festival, or protfolio project you need to get in he would give you advice. He helped me put together my pieces for the CTN Expo. It would have been a mess without his inputs. I'll be taking the second half of a class he started for the first time just last semester. It's going to be very odd to not have him a the school anymore. I'm sure a lot of students feel. Where ever he goes I hop things go well for him. Most of all I think I'll miss his demos. They were so much fun to watch, I wish I had asked to have a few more.

So I wonder who my new teachers for those two classes will be.

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