Wednesday, November 24, 2010

CTN Wrap up

So CTN was AMAZING, just as fun as I remember it from last year only I got to see a lot more panels and watch a lot more demos. There was a lot of other Academy of Art Students I kept running into and of course my friends. The place was packed and lines were crazy but all worth it.
The panels I saw were things on How to train your dragon, Titmouse, Tangled, and other useful topics. There were many wonderful artists and animators there. Some I remember from last year and some I just met.

Tony Bancroft was back again doing demos and we made sure not to miss them (But I almost did because a panel was running about 30 min late). I'm not sure if he remembered us or not from last year but we got another picture taken with him. I think this will have to be a new tradition for my classmates and I at CTN.
I also got to meet a clean up artist named Kris Heller. She taught me some things about clean up and I have to say I'm very interested in it now. It is suppose to be harder then it looks and I have no doubt it is but at the same time it looked like fun. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so maybe this is something I can look into trying very soon.

I showed off my portfolio to some companies and was given a lot of good advance and some hope. I was told by one company that why were having almost all 2D animators come up to their booth rather than last year being mostly 3D. I might have more challengers but it also means people are very interested in 2D. That industry will never die in my opinion. I got some cards, hopefully made new contacts, and am now overflowing with inspiration to get to animating. Unfortunately I have about 3 weeks left of school and projects will have to come first. I'm pretty bad at networking. I hope I can find all these people with their cards and keep in touch. I'm sure I can learn a lot from their experiences.

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