Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Final Absolute Last week.

Today marks the day of my first final. My last final is on Friday (which is also the day I move out) and that will be my final class, I'll have graduated! Finally I'll have a degree in 2d Animation character animation. This in no way means I'm done. I'm sure there is a lot more to learn but I will have to find other means and do a lot of my own work. Of course the dream is still to get that job and right after Christmas I plan to go full speed towards that goal.

Why not before then? Well I have tried but my work still needs a lot of improvement. I'm still having trouble finding smaller companies to start out in or smaller companies that are hiring. I need more networking. Of coruse I need more pratice as well. Plus it is the holidays, I should enjoy myself after 3.5 years in college.

Expect a lot of work to be posted soon, maybe even tomorrow. I plan to get back on track in these blogs and update my website. Also does anyone know about tumblr? If it's good for networking I might look into that.

Last I just want to give a thanks to the Acadmey of Art. I loved my classmates, teachers, and the city of San Francisco. I'm going to miss all of it. Chances are I'll come back from time to time, I dont live far. Heck I'd even like to move tot he city if thats where I job takes me. I hope I'll be able to visit the campus from time to time and I certainly hope this will not be the last I see of my classmates. Many of you are so super talented I'l sur eI'll be seeing you in the industry at least. Lets all try to keep in touch.

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