Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm back!

I decided to start blogging again, er try. Figured there might be some curious people out there wondering what I'm doing wasting my time in school Who am I kidding it's not a waste, I'm having a blast! This will be a place to talk about daily life, school, projects, commissions, personal projects, and anything else I find interesting. I hope you will all enjoy my little blog and please I LOVE GOOD CRITICISM.
Tell me how my work is, what I need to improve on, an tips, etc.

I suppose I should open with a few things about myself
First off I'm a student going for my BA in 2D Animation at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. If your also a student please let me know, its always great meeting fellow students.
This year I'm taking Anatomy, Still Life Painting, Portfolio 1, and Inter Figure Drawing.
My class of course was my Intro to animation class. I just couldnt get enough of sitting at the desk and drawing. This summer I hope to get a desk at home so I can work even when I'm away from school. There never seems to be enough time to be drawing my own personal projects.

I hope you will all enjoy my blog!

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