Sunday, April 19, 2009


I'm sorry I havnt been updating I get so distracted with school xx
Theres about 4 weeks left of school and I'm also trying to get ready fro Fanime con which pops up right after that. But here I go with a little update for you all.

I've been sick, its not so bad now but I would have to say Wed was very bad. I slept most of that day. The next day I went to class for about an hour and then the teacher told me to go home. I've never missed a class here at this school, I felt so bad. Least I got to turn in my homework and find out whats due next week so I wont fall behind.

I figured I should show you guys at least one thing I've been working on when I post. This is a paint from Still Life Painting class. I really dont like paints, I cant control it as much as I like to control other things. This wasnt one of my good drawings but then I wasnt feeling very well either.
I didnt even finish lol.

Also I managed to find some time and start drawing something for myself. Been having that terrible artist block lately. I feel like the school drains all my creative thoughts into projects so when its time to sit downand do my own work I have nothing left. Anyways heres what I started. a kitsune char that I've drawn a few times but still have no name for. I'm gonna have hercasting a spell. What spell shall I have her cast?

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