Sunday, May 10, 2009

1 more week!

School is almost over I cant wait! Most of my projects are done besides my self portrait.
In anatomy - A drawing of a fellow student in the class, with tracing paper over it and you draw the facial muslces on it.
In Still life Painting - a painting of anything we want
In Portfolio - a mock interview and showing of our demo reel, it comes in a DVD case we have designed with business card
In Inter Figure Drawing - Self-portrait of any linear medium.

Yeah I cant wait for Fanime! This is going to be awesome. All my buttons are pretty much ready to go. I have to help my friend with hers and fix the wig on my costume a little. Thee is a week between school getting out and Fanime con so I figure thats plenty of time to wrap up all the loose ends and get perfectly ready. I plan to show up on Thursday for the pre-reg line but wont be sticking around. I got family graduation from San Jose State down the street so need to run over there right after. I'll Miss most of it but figured that they are going to be talking for a long time anyways before they get to passing out the degrees.

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