Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not buying get out

Today at work was tough! It was sooooo hot and the store was so busy. People were just sitting around reading books and there wasnt much room for us to walk. And they werent even buying because we needed 5k more to reach our goal. They were just sucking up our AC and giving us more work to do. I hate them all. I have work again tomorrow....waaaah

On a side note I also started doing commisions again. I currently have 2 people ordering something to make a quick 40 bucks. It's kind of nice~ Heres a little sample of what I'm working on. It might take a little while with all the work and school projects. I didnt think I would have a lot of shifts at work and suddenly they flood me with stuff.

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  1. Damn bums, just loungin' around and reading!