Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Special Guest! PART 2

This time not at our school. Our teacher piled us all into a bus last night, just his class and we set off for Berkly where Brad Bird was talking. It was an awesome night and a little bit silly. The theater had a stage set up that looked like we were filming for the Ophran show. when they first introduced the event they didnt even mention Brad Bird and honestly I was scared we were in the right place. But sure enough out her came. Really funny guy! The whole time I found myself laughing as he talked about movies he directed like Iron Gaint, Incredibles, Ratatouille! I wish I wrote down some of the lines he mentioned like how an new idea is like a baby deer. It's wobbly, wet, and gross, but with proper care it can grow.
after it was down I managed to snag a photo of him. I really wanted to take one with him but we were in a rush.

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