Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Goblins Home

Right after turning in the goblin creature it was time to work on enviorement. I'm not very comfortable with this as it tends to look really cheesy but I'm going to try my best and started working on thumbnails in class. The teacher basically explained to just let your mind go and the hand do the work. Easier said then done. Well I tried and came up with a few good ones, yay! I'm pretty set on these colors, I like them a lot. The problem is there is really no set structure. like I dont know what I want the houses to look like....gonna be a lot of work.

Basically I want it to be in a cave... or cavern, someplace underground. I also want them to live either in the walls of the cavern or in little stick and wood houses. I was thinking of Where the Wild Things Are when thinking of the houses. There isnt going to be a lot of colors besides greens, greys, and orange for the torches.


  1. i really enjoy the center one! haha i know i said that in class but i felt like sharing again : ) ps. i liked your goblin creature a lot as well

  2. I keep looking at that center one too. I think your right I should do that one.