Monday, April 19, 2010

San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival

Yesterday was the festival and a friend and I went to go have some fun. It was a very nice day. Earlier in the week it was said to rain yesterday but there wasnt a cold in the sky upon waking up. I was very happy.
I have both a kimono and a yukata but I let her borrow the yukata so I was pretty hot through the entire festival. Luckily I bought a cheap little fan to help me stay cool. We went into a shop and had someone professionally tie our obis and this looked really nice. The food was delicious and I ran into a lot of people I knew. There were so many temping things to buy but I was trying to be careful with money. the two major things I bought was the obi and the butterfly hair clip. I might go back for another yukata later.
The parade is always nice but most of the good spots were taken, still we managed to see everything. The children are always so cute in the parade, they look like they didn't get what is quite going on. I also liked the women dancing, it was so beautiful and well timed. By far my favorite had to have been the drums. As they passed by I could feel me whole rib cage vibrating with the beat. Your literally pulled into the music. Very good music too. We arrived at around 10am and were having so much fun that we didn't leave until 7ish. It was probably the most crowded I had ever seen Japan Town. I will most likely be coming back for the next years festival as well.

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