Thursday, October 1, 2009

CTN Animation EXPO

I'm jumping for joy! I heard about this great expo in Burbank (the city where all the big name animation studios are) that focusing on just animation. I think this is the first one... or at least its fairly new. My school had things posted all over about it and I grabbed a flyer to show my parents. Also the Dreamworks industry meeting I went to was also trying to promote it. This looked to be a greta oppertunity and while my bank account says I could afford it I really need the money for Canada.

So I went to my parents and explained what an awesome opportunity it is. My dad agreed to pay for some of it. As far as I know I'm only paying for the plane ticket which we got for $69. This is going to be such a huge blast. I'll be surrounded by the big leagues! This could end up being a big break some where in there. Or at leats the chance to meet someone and start networking, you know get some names and contacts~

I have lots of planning to do for this expo, its not like the Anime ones I go to for fun, there business in this one too.
I need to redo my business cards. after all I got a new email address and want to give it a new look. I also want to revamp my portfolio. The only thing not so great is as an animator I'd love to show off my work but there no time or place to show demo reels.

Still who knows what might happen!

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