Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Special Guest!

So I'm still GEEKING OUT about the special guest we had at my school today. It was suppose to be a very small group but info leeked at it ended up being like 200 students and staff there. Anyways Ralph Eggleston was there! If you dont know who that is, google it, educate yourself. To some he might not seem like more but to a film or animator he's one of the top dogs, in my opinion and others I'm sure.
This guy is funny and he had some great advice. I took notes I really did. Didnt really care what I looked liek to people writing it all down but he gave a lot of good tips. He also showed us a lot of amazing stuff. We got to see beautiful design art for Wall-e, Finding Nemo, and UP! Also he should us storyboard, story reels, animation tests everything. He didnt tend to sugar coat it which I liked as well, he was honest about working crazy hours and sometimes insane things. There was a certain rush to it all it seemed though so in a way so exciting!
I felt really bad because as he was leaving I asked for a picture with him. I know he really wanted to get out the door and i didnt want to seem rude, but Once in a lifetime chance GO!

He's a really nice guy... GAH XD best day ever!

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